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Patient Testimonials

"When I limped into Memphis Myofascial Release a year and a half ago I was in the middle of a major life change— I had lost fifteen pounds on a diet and running regimen and was excited to be making new friends on weekend road races. Then the heel pain set in. Standard medical advice was contradictory— was it a “tear” that needed immobilization or “inflammation” that needed rest and medication?  A podiatrist told me that if I went to an orthopedic practice I’d likely be put in a boot. Eager to keep moving, I found Memphis Memphis Myofascial Release. On my first visit we discovered areas of restriction further up the leg related to previous injury. Julie gave me confidence and optimism that we could work with the body’s natural capacity to heal. By gently stretching the area that hurt and substituting cross training and flexibility exercises, I began to get relief from the symptoms. Within a few weeks I was adding mileage back to my runs. That summer I turned 50 and celebrated by completing my first triathlon and both the Nashville and Memphis Marathons! Along the way I’ve developed other aches and pains but the body wisdom I have learned through MFR has given me effective strategies to minimize injury and work toward pain-free workouts."

— Walt
Age group runner & triathlete