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Patient Testimonials

I began seeing Julie several years ago for Myofascial Release Therapy while I was training for the St. Jude Memphis marathon.  Initially my thoughts were a "quick fix" to relieve discomfort from those nagging injuries, long miles  and hip pain as I was training for the marathon.  However, my first visit became so much more than having a "quick fix" to the current pains.  I realized my past injuries had created significant pelvic imbalances and leg length discrepancies, causing severe hip pain.  Receiving MFR treatment with Julie and stretching on a regular basis helped correct the pelvic imbalances and eliminated my pain.  One of the things I do now is incorporate the stretches Julie has given me and apply them in a daily routine to prevent future injuries.  There are so many benefits of MFR and for each person there can be different experiences, but most importantly for me was learning to restore the body by stretching and releasing the fascia.  

— Layla
Recreational Triathlete and Runner

Several years ago I was experiencing fibromyalgia pain all over my body so bad that I was wondering if I would ever be able to exercise again. I had taken medicine with very little success. My doctor's nurse recommended I try Myofascial Release. That is when I went to Julie Leigh for help. At first I went 2 times a week and after a few months I started tapering the visits down to my now once a month schedule. This was accomplished only by my self-administered exercise and stretching routine using the Myofascial Release techniques. Today, I am able to exercise (cardio and weight training at least 4 times a week. I sleep better and my pain level has decreased from a routine 7 (on a scale of 1 to 10) to maybe 2 on a bad day.

— Preston
Free from Fibromyalgia Pain!

"Myofascial Release therapy is the first course of treatment that actually helped with the widespread pain I was having. Over the years I had tried everything from acupuncture, chiropractors, cortisone shots and various medications, but none of those things ever gave me the long term relief that I experienced after working with Julie. My general pain levels have gone from staying in the 7-8 range, down to the 2-3 range overall. There were also short term benefits from treatments including the time I went in with a migraine, and left without one, and the time when she was able to alleviate horrific menstrual cramps I was experiencing. As I learned the techniques from her, I was also able to deal with pain spikes on my own. I recommend this therapy to everyone experiencing pain. It is a process, but it's a worthwhile one!"

— Amie
A worthwhile process!