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Patient Testimonials

“I was diagnosed with Bell’s Palsy three months after giving birth to my first child. I could not close my eye, smile, or raise my eyebrow on the affected side of my face. My face was literally frozen, and I had trouble speaking, eating, and drinking– even playing with my baby! 

The doctor’s protocol was for me to take high doses of a steroid in hopes that I would not suffer any long-term nerve damage. This path would have required that I stop breastfeeding my little girl who would have had to go on formula until I had finished rounds of steroids; and there was no guarantee that the steroids would actually help.

Luckily, I had previous, successful, experience with Myofascial Release treatments after a car wreck in 2008, which left me unable to sit or walk without pain.  So rather than filling the prescription for the steroid and buying formula for my baby (especially after we had worked so hard learning how to breastfeed), I turned to my MFR therapist, Julie Leigh, OTR/L.

I saw Julie within 24 hours of being diagnosed, and after one treatment session, I was able to move my face more freely! Most Bell’s Palsy sufferers progressively get worse over the first few days, and I was already seeing movement in my cheek. I was given ‘homework’ that included a myriad of different exercises to help soften my tight face until I could see Julie again. I was feeling so much better, just after a few days, that I asked her, “Is it possible that I am already getting results?!” To which she replied, “It’s all possible.”

It’s now been almost a month, and I can smile and play with my little girl again with no problems at all. Most people who didn’t see me during that time don’t even know I ever had Bell’s Palsy. And I am indescribably happy that I did not take the stint of steroids, for both my daughter’s and my benefit.“

— Julie
Bell's Palsy didn't stop me!

I have been running pretty much injury/pain free for many years.... A little over a year ago, while running trails, I was stopped in my tracks by a deep strong pain in my right leg below the calf and just above the Achilles tendon.   This pain was so instant severe, that it was as if someone hit the pain switch. I at first thought I had "torn" something. I walked very gently back to the car, got home and applied ice.

Several days of no running and easy walking and the pain eventually subsided........Forward two weeks later I eased back into running and all seemed fine. No pain or discomfort..... After running for several weeks, bam!!!

Here it was again. Just like the first time. Stopped me in my tracks once again, exactly like before..... Ice again and some discussion with other runners etc and we all felt I must have something torn, even if only a micro tear.

At about this same time, I had heard about Memphis Myofascial Release and I thought I would look into it to see if there might be a diagnosis made..... After consulting with them, and learning about it, I decided to get it a go....... In the very first moments of my first treatment, I was told that there was an incredibly tight knotted area in the area of the pain......Maybe scar tissue from a previous blunt trauma I suffered years earlier ??

So as the treatment continued, over the next few weeks, a couple of treatments a week......Along with the office treatments, I was also prescribed some stretches to do at home.....I was starting to feel pain free once again and eased back into running.... I continued with a few more office treatments and I was totally running pain free again... It has been over a year now since I was treated and am running as good as ever.

There is no question that the treatments I got there are responsible for the success of my running..... I would highly recommend Memphis Myofascial Release as an option to think about when seeking treatment.

— Thomas
Recreational Runner

I first met Julie Leigh after my 2nd ruptured disc back surgery  through the physical therapist who agreed that the exercises the surgeon had me doing weren't helping; I could do them all easily but I still couldn't feel the right side of my body from the waist down due to nerve damage from the surgeries. The surgeon said I would have to get used to a certain level of numbing pain the rest of my life & I didn't accept that ---Julie has changed that; I now don't shelter my back like before. I was scared to do things I had always done & I decreased my fitness level compensating for the injuries but with Julie's highly effective hands on approach of  Myofascial Release I am now living the benefits of not feeling contact pins & needles stabbing me with every step & able to sleep without it feeling like a million daggers on my right side from sciatica. 

I strongly recommend Julie at Memphis Myofascial Release to do the same for you. 

— Jen
Enjoying life without sciatica