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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


  • How is Myofascial Release different than traditional therapy?

John F. Barnes' Approach to Myofascial Release engages restrictions in the fascial system, a web of continuous three-dimensional tissue that extends from head to toe. Treatment encompasses the entire body and follows exactly what the body needs, every time. Skilled JFB MFR therapists wait at the body's barriers for a minimum of 5 to 7 minutes, allowing the body to move intuitively (unwind) as it needs. Therapy is one-on-one in a private room and is 100% hands-on. Facilitated movement is never forceful or injurious. Therapists do not lead the patient or try to interpret their feelings or experiences. 

Traditional therapies only address the symptoms, tend to segment the body, & do not include consciousness' role in healing. They primarily use protocols and do not hold or wait at the fascial barrier long enough for a permanent release to occur, which results in relief that is temporary. Your time is also typically shared amongst several other patients in a large gym setting where you are supervised while moving from one piece of equipment to another. 

  • Is Myofascial Release the same as Massage, Trigger Point Therapy, or Rolfing?

No. Massage consists of varying types of soft & deep tissue mobilization techniques & only engages the elastic component of the fascia. Trigger point therapy & Rolfing are deep tissue mobilization techniques that are symptomatic based, segment the body & only focus on the symptoms. These modalities provide temporary relief. John Barnes' Approach to Myofascial Release engages restrictions in the entire fascial system, treats the whole body, and follows what the body needs, every time. Myofascial Release is the only modality that addresses consciousness as a role in authentic healing. Balancing the body structurally, releasing the fascial restrictions, and 'letting go' of the subconscious holding patterns allows the fragments of the mind/body/spirit complex to feel connected again, naturally restoring the body's balance & equilibrium. When this happens results of Myofascial Release treatment are long lasting. 

  • What does Myofascial Release feel like?
Myofascial stretching elicits a warming response resembling the sensations of "butter melting  or taffy stretching." Some patients describe heat, burning, cold, tingling, numbness, popping, buzzing, and "bubbles moving". It is often very subtle. Releasing affected areas may produce some temporary "therapeutic pain', which is different than pain resulting from forcing the body beyond what is available.
You may become more aware of other areas of your body and feel a connection between the areas of stretch. We refer to those areas that speak to you as your, 'fascial voice'. 
  • Will my insurance cover Myofascial Release treatment?

Possibly, it depends on your individual insurance plan. We are happy to check your eligibility & benefits for occupational therapy. Please contact us for more information. 

  • Can MFR help with _______?

TMJ dysfunction
Neck pain
Back pain,
Plantar fasciitis and so on...

Chances are, yes, MFR can help with just about anything. However, Myofascial Release is not a "cure all" When certain injuries & conditions have progressed beyond the point of repair, MFR treatment will not reverse these changes. (e.g. brain injuries, late stages of cancer, scleroderma, etc.). Please contact us for more details.

  • What age can you safely start treatment?

Right away. Myofascial Release is safe & gentle, it will never injure. It is safe to treat a newborn immediately after birth, children & adults of all ages, and in transition to death. An advanced trained therapist knows how to apply the JFB MFR principles for any kind of ailment, safely.

  • How did my body get so tight? 

Fascial restrictions result from a combination of several factors. Restrictions accumulate slowly over time before developing into a healing crisis. The most common factors are:

poor posture
repetitive stress
direct trauma
emotional stress
subconscious bracing patterns

  • Once it releases will is stay that way?

Myofascial Release treatment provides long term relief for a variety of ailments but nothing lasts forever. This would be the equivalent of saying, "I took a shower yesterday, why do I have to do it again today?" Each day brings on new stressors & physical demands that take a toll on our bodies over time. When we learn to take care of our physical, mental, emotional & spiritual needs, on a daily basis we can prevent future dis-ease.

  • How many sessions will I need?

Unfortunately there is no number of treatments that corresponds with age, diagnosis, years of pain or dysfunction. Each person responds at their own rate. We wean patients based on their progress. In general, patients who are intrinsically motivated to achieve their goals & follow through with the home exercise & self-treatment, tend to resolve their pain & functional limitations in a shorter amount of time.