A hands on approach to wellness

We will evaluate your individual needs on a one-on-one basis in a private room and provide you with a comprehensive plan of care based on your body’s restrictions. Each person is different and therefore has different therapeutic needs. We evaluate and treat the entire body regardless of your complaints or symptoms. 

Initial Evaluation

The initial session lasts approximately 90 minutes and includes an evaluation, treatment, and self-treatment instruction (or “homework”). 

  • Evaluation consists of a new patient questionnaire, brief interview & past medical history review, postural & pelvic evaluation, movement analysis, range of motion testing, manual muscle testing and tissue texture assessment. 

What does Myofascial Release feel like?

  • Myofascial stretching elicits a warming response resembling the sensations of "butter melting  or taffy stretching."
  • Some patients describe heat, burning, cold, tingling, numbness, popping, buzzing, and "bubbles moving". It is often very subtle. 
  • Releasing affected areas may produce some temporary "therapeutic pain', which is different than pain resulting from forcing the body beyond the barriers.
  • You may become more aware of other areas of your body and feel a connection between the areas of stretch. We refer to those areas that speak to you as your, 'fascial voice'. 

Follow up sessions

Each subsequent session lasts 60 minutes and includes a review or modification to the home exercises and follow up treatment on residual areas soft tissue restrictions causing pain, abnormal sensations, and compromised function. 

  • Additional small ball or foam roll exercises may be explored, as well as myofascial stretches targeting affected areas.