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Are you experiencing unresolved pain? Frustrated with failed outcomes from numerous traditional therapies? Or just looking to improve your overall being? Tell us your story. We're here to facilitate your journey towards better health & wellness.

John Barnes' Approach to Myofascial Release is the most authentic form of treatment for the mind, body, & spirit. David & I have both personally experienced the benefits of Myofascial Release therapy & aim to share it with you. We're so glad you found us. We are here to teach you how you can help yourself!

It's an exciting time to be a part of the Myofascial Release network. Science is finally catching up with John Barnes' theories & providing evidence that supports the results of Myofascial Release treatment. Our hope for the future is that this paradigm shift will help empower each person to see the interconnectedness of their bodies and use the innate power we are given to prevent future dis-ease.

  • Julie Leigh, OTR/L & David Leigh,

Owners of Memphis Myofascial Release, LLC